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Barcode scanning gun setting instructions for use


Scanning gun is widely used in the commercial or household field, making the scanning gun has been rapid and extensive development, all kinds of photos to all kinds of graphics and drawings can be used to scan the scanning gun into the computer, so as to better achieve the processing and storage of text and images, get the bar code scanning gun should be how to set.


General test or simple understanding of the bar code gun to use the steps are very simple:

1. Insert the scanning gun (until the barcode scanning gun is successfully installed);

2. Open Excel (or any software that lets you enter text);

3. Position the cursor to the cell to be typed;

4. Scan the barcode (set the scanning mode of the barcode gun according to the need, such as carriage return after scanning, line feed, continuous scanning);

5. Scanning completed, save.

Simply learning how to use a barcode scanner is very simple. A barcode scanner is just a device that reads the content of a barcode, which is just a string of numbers or alphanumeric combinations.

If you want to print the barcode, you need to install a barcode-making software, or CorelDraw, but there are a number of barcode encoding methods, and the user needs to know which code your barcode needs to use.

Why you need to set up the barcode gun, the following is a typical example of general machine is normal to judge: this step can also be installed new buy a 9-pin serial ports barcode scanning gun, has been testing confirmed that can be used for the cash register, bar code scanning guns, how to use the barcode scanning gun itself without any problem, now want to access a computer, used in word, Excel and other documents, have to buy an external power supply cord, 9-pin serial pci expansion card, and installed a serial port driver, without considering the hardware problems, still can't input data on the computer, should be set up the question, what kind of computer are you using? Why do you need to install a PCI expansion card? Generally, desktop computers have 9-pin serial ports. If you install an expansion card, the port used by the scanner must be reset.

Barcode scanner scanning barcode has sound, that barcode scanner power supply is not a problem, reading barcode is also no problem, but does not show, the problem may be in your keyboard interface or bar code scanning gun Settings.

Barcode scanning technology in recent years in the global retail industry, the widespread application of no doubt to reduce a lot of manpower and customer queuing time, which is the human efficiency of unremitting exploration and research results.

The wireless barcode scanning gun must be operated in serial port mode. If the setting is wrong during use, please scan the "Restore Factory Settings" and "Serial Port Mode" barcodes in the instruction P9 in turn.

To set the scanning gun as a certain channel, you must first register the channel on the host (that is, the receiving block), otherwise the data scanned by the scanning gun will not be transmitted to the host.

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